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Erratum, p. 41

The text "Le Choix dans l’art actuel" by François Morellet was not published in the exhibition catalogue Sigma (1965) as indicated in  Mais comment taire mes commentaires (Paris : Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 1999), a collection of texts by Morellet.

The text was probably published for the first time 1968 in  DATA : Directions in Art, Theory and Aesthetics by Anthony Hill.
There, Morellet states 1965 as year of creation of the text.


Erratum, p.127

[We want to thank Maria Carlota Perez (Art & Art, New York) for having pointed us to the mix-up of the photographs.]

The photograph described with the caption "Martha Boto / Jeu de reflet [Game of Reflection] / 1963 / Plexiglas / 60 × 60 cm" actually shows Relief optique / 1962 / 45 x 45 cm.

This is the photograph we had intended to publish:

Martha Boto Jeu de refelt


Erratum, p. 283

The title of the exhibition organized by the Czech artist and theorist Jiří Valoch at the Dům umění města Brna [Brno House of Arts] in February 1969 is not Computergraphic but computer graphic.




Erratum, p. 332

In the list of participants in the Eexhibition nt4 – recentni primjeri vizuelnih istraživanja / nt4 – recent examples of visual research the name Josef Hermann Stiegler is missing.


Erratum, p.428


– Leonardo Mosso
Testimonianza [Testimony]
Office building for the Chamber of Deputies
Rome 1966/1967
Project for a competition
Plan and computer model model

Erratum, p. 548

—Marc Adrian
(1930, Vienna, AT – 2008, Vienna) [...]
Exhib.: 1958, 7. Abendausstellung. Das rote Bild, Atelier
Gladbacher Str. 69, Düsseldorf.

Marc Adrian did not participate at this exhibition.

Thanks to Cornelia Cabuk bringing this to our attention.



Erratum, p.553


— David R. Garrison
(1929, Buenos Aires, AR) studied humanities and fine
arts at the State University of New York at Buffalo
(M.A. 1971 and M.F.A. 1972). 1966–1986 he was a
member of the Art Research Center (ARC). He lives
in Buenos Aires.

The information about David R. Garrison's date and place of birth was a mistake apparently caused by a copy and paste procedure. The information about his date and place of birth is not available.